From Calvin To Bacon

Calvin & HobbesDon’t you just LOVE Calvin & Hobbes! I think Calvin is the most irritating, cute, intelligent, crazy and smart-ass kid on the planet. The re-assuring thought is that such children exist only in the world of make-believe. God bless the parents who might actually have such gems in their lives!
Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what he’s like when all grown up and better sill, what kind of children would HE have to bear!

Well, one day while doing a search on Calvin, I bumped into, Bacon, daughter of Calvin & Susie (who else)! Thanks to Pants Are Overrated, we have 4 humorous strips on the child prodigy that is Bacon.  So from ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ we get ‘Hobbes & Bacon’! They’re funny and you can see Bacon has it in her genes. And as for the grown up Calvin, he’s kind of like his Dad. He knows how to handle Bacon & even goes a step further and joins in on her madness.

I wish we could get more of Bacon as we did of Calvin. Created in 2011, for some reason we haven’t got any more.
So I request whoever is responsible for creating Bacon…I want more, I want more, I want more!
And till we get more, make do with these:

Hobbes & Bacon 1
Hobbes & Bacon 2
Hobbes & Bacon 3
Hobbes & Bacon 4


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