About The Platter

My Favourite Food Is Books!

I just LOVE books. I wish I could read all kinds of books, all the time, anywhere. If books were dishes I would gobble them all up. Would probably end up with a tummy ache but who cares!

Think about it. Books have flavours. On some days you want to read a mystery, and another day its history. But you also have an all time favourite dish, right? Mine would be (besides pizza) historical fiction. Just like pizza, I can read these books any day, every day, for days on end. The only thing I cant do is dump a half read book for another, more interesting looking book. Been taught since childhood…finish whats on your plate!

So please feel free to leave comments, share your own reviews, suggest books you think I should read or anything else you would like to add to my book platter.


4 thoughts on “About The Platter

  1. Here’s a suggestion for a great but dark biography. ‘Charlotte Bronte’s Thunder.’ Check out the book’s trailer

    The evidence is overwhelming.
    D. Maitland

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