The 3 Mistakes Of My Life by Chetan Bhagat

The 3 Mistakes Of My life - Chetan BhagatRating: 3.5/5

Genre: Fiction

Make No Mistake, Chetan’s Got It Right This Time
I’ve read a few books of Chetan Bhagat & have to admit I am no big fan of this guy. But 3 mistakes was quite alright.
The thing with Bhagat is that his writing is so very ‘mild’. Sometimes you want more than just a good story. The style of writing itself, the presentation. But I’ll leave the negative feedback for his other books. This one was fine.

I basically decided to pick this book up because I had seen trailers of a movie called Kai Po Che! It’s based on the book, so it made the idea interesting. And also, I wanted to read something simple & light.

So, the 3 main characters are solid, clear cut, obvious kind of people. Businessman, failed cricketer and simpleton. Best friends. The story is told by Govind, the typical Gujrati business man. He tells you about 3 mistakes he made in his life and how his life &  the life of those around him get affected because of these mistakes. All the situations are nicely put together. The characters are very likeable, especially Vidya, the only significant female in the book. All the people in the book are very stereotyped but I guess they do exist.

Perfect 10 to Chetan for churning out another script for Bollywood!

Anyway, nice book, few twists & turns and all is well that ends well.


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