To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Rating: 5/5

Genre: Fiction

Beautiful People & Beautiful Words Make A Beautiful Book
I read this book around 20 years ago and read it for the second time recently, doesn’t say much for my age I guess! Anyway, loved it then & loved it again. It’s such a simple book with a not so simple storyline, expressed so endearingly.

The story is quite straightforward but extremely intriguing, although set in a completely different era, relevant even today. Each individual character is so vivid, strong and impressive. They all have a strong presence and yet do not overshadow each other. Atticus has to be my favourite, there is something so soothing & alluring about his personality. A model parent. Scout of course is bound to create an impression, there’s so much to her. The changes in Jem as he grows older and more mature. Another one I really like is Boo Radley, you just can’t help it. You have so many questions about him which unfortunately go unanswered.

Despite such sweet characters and situations, there is a constant dark undercurrent to the story. While racism is the top issue there are smaller things about life as well that make you think. The class divide, single parenting, abuse issues, etc. Brilliantly interwoven. I would have liked the book to have never ended, to know more about each character, their past as well as future!

I still have to get around to watching the movie too, am sure it must be very good. You can’t go wrong with such a lovely book.

A beautiful, beautiful book that has to be read again and again.


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