50 Shades Freed by EL James

Rating: 1.5/5, dont get me started, even the 0.5 is kind of extra!

Genre: Erotic Romance

Romance, Romance And More Romance…Of The Naughty Kind
If you’re a fan of mind-numbing mush, this one is for you.
I had heard so much about this trilogy and was really curious to read these books. A friend had this particular one and I gave it a try without knowing that this was the last book in the series. And boy am I thankful I started with the last one. It ended the torture.

How many times can you read sentences like, ‘he looked at her lovingly’, ‘her heart missed a beat when he took his shirt off’, ‘I love you more than my life’ and the likes at least a million times in different vehicles, rooms, places, attire, etc. It’s just sex in different shapes and forms without any solid story to hold it together.
And actually the best thing about the book was probably the way the sex scenes were detailed, very well written, but even that gets tiresome & repetitive after a while. Rest of the book…rubbish.

The characters are kinda psycho, no harm in that, they just don’t sound real. Or maybe that was the whole point, it’s just a book full of fantasies. At least I got a good laugh when the author writes explicitly about the love-making and then very coyly calls the girl’s private parts ‘her sex’! Found that hilarious.

I’m afraid I can’t write anymore on this book. Not much to review, you see, I pretty much skipped most of the pages…whole pages, not even sentences!

Surprisingly many of my friends (even the sensible ones) liked this book and almost seemed offended when I said I didn’t like it one bit.
Bottom line, romance is not my thing, guess these books are just not for people like me.

If you still want to try it out, go ahead but be sure you know what you’re getting into. This might help…GREY!


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