A Great Book = A Great Movie, And That’s How It Should Be

I finally saw ‘To Kill A Mocking Bird’, the movie! And I’m sooooo glad I did. It was such a delight.

It’s a great adaptation of the wonderful book. I haven’t seen many movies from that era, so it was nice to see how things looked in those days, in that part of the world.
Everything was so clean and simple. The surroundings and life.  No crowds, no traffic, no skyscrapers. The children could run around wherever they liked, whenever they liked. It all looked so perfect despite the murky goings-on that are present in the story.

Almost all the characters in the movie (the good ones of course) are such lovely people. The world should be full of such people. I don’t know the actors’ names so I’ll just use the character names. Scout looks every inch as described in the book & acts so well. Jem shows his transition form a naughty-ish boy to one growing mature & understanding his father brilliantly. Tom Robbins has a small part but he portrays the frustration, anger & despair amazingly. And Atticus….I almost fell in love with him. Gregory Peck has given an award winning performance I’d say, and he sure did get those. He is strong, gentle, macho, intelligent, handsome, fragile…all facets equally convincing, awesome actor!
Even Boo Radley was pretty much as I had imagined him to be, mysterious, shy & likeable. Robert Duvall’s debut by the way.

My favourite scenes in the movie are the ones where Scout would fly into a rage and beat up her adversaries!

I had a weird sad-in-a-happy-kind-of-way feeling (guess that’s possible) at the end. I wished I could live in those times but realised it was all rosy and pretty as long as you were on the right side of the fence! Guess I’m fine where I am and I’ll just watch the movie again and again to get the feel good factor.

Sad, beautiful, funny, impressive, inspiring…I could use a mix of all kinds of adjectives to describe this movie. Absolutely loved it, as I did the book!


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