No Onions Nor Garlic by Srividya Natarjan

Rating: 3.75/5, hilarious in a silly way.

Genre: Humour

Wodehouse goes Indian, Tambrahm To Be Specific
A wonderful and funny book I must say.
The first few pages are a bit off and lack the humour of the rest of the book, but you can get past that. And the last bit is a little over-dramatic. There isn’t much of a story either. The clichés about Tambrahms are nothing new, you’ve heard them all before. The comedy is very simplistic and……! By now you must be  wondering why I’m calling this book wonderful at all! Because that’s just what is DESPITE all those flaws.

The thing that is brilliant about this book is the author’s sense of humour. Every single line is funny in one way or the other. I couldn’t afford to skip even a word as I could miss out on a joke because of that. I had a smile plastered on my face throughout the book, except for when I was laughing out loud.

The book deals with caste issues but that’s completely irrelevant. There is no social message and thank god for that! It’s an easy read and very ’Wodehouseish’. All that was missing was a couple of pigs!
Srividya Natarajan writes very well and I would love to try more of her books. This might sound sexist but if I hadn’t known the author’s name I would have assumed that the book was written by a guy. The blasé, non-chalant, don’t-give-a-damn style of humour is rather masculine.

There is lots in the book that’s exaggerated, doesn’t make sense, filmy and what not. So the key is to not take it seriously and just enjoy the one-liners.

As I read in a review, it’s a ’brilliantly irreverent book’!


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