The Hungry Tide by Amitav Ghosh

Rating: 1.5/5

Genre: Fiction

And What About The Tiger?
Hmmm! Not so good I’m afraid. I had heard his books are good, maybe I should have read The Glass Palace instead. But this is the one I got my hands on, the cover looked quite nice.

It could have been more interesting. The characters were strong. The setting was promising. There was some mystery, some surprises but….it just didn’t hold my attention. Even the tiger, whom I had some expectations from,  just got beaten up.

I should have moved on to some other book but I just cant leave a book unfinished. It’ll keep gnawing at me, what happened in the end. Maybe I should have just read the last chapter.

Anyway, if you like slow books that want to say a lot but just don’t do it the right way, give it a go. I would say you can give it a miss if you have other books to read.


Empire Of The Moghul: Brothers At War by Alex Rutherford

Brothers At War - Alex RutherfordRating: 5/5, Must Read

Genre: Historical Fiction

War, Treachery, Love, Deception…An Emperor’s Life In Short
After reading the first book of the Moghul Quintet, I wasn’t sure how the subsequent books would be any different from the first. I was in for a surprise. Despite being very similar to Babur’s story, Humayun’s life was very different. It might sound weird but that is how it is.
War, treachery, love & deception were the essence of both emperors’ lives in short, as was the tragedy of their short lives!

Rutherford weaves a wonderful story from history. The descriptions are so vivid, you can imagine almost everything. I got so lost in imagining the story frame by frame that at times I had to read the sentences all over again as I would miss the plot. I haven’t read many such books in my life. It was amazing.

The author captures Humayun for what he was without being biased and you can relate to him as a real person and not just an emperor. You pity him at times and think he’s a comlete loser the next. Some incidents, particularly the one involving Akbar, seem to be more fiction than real but it goes very well with the whole plot. And the names and places are much more familiar in this book which makes it even more interesting as you can relate to them and imagine even better.

I can’t think of what else to write as all I can do I praise and rave and rant about this book. Can’t wait to start the third one!
And yes, another small thing, I love the book covers too!

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Raiders From The North - Alex Rutherford

Raiders From The North