The Girl Who Played With Fire by Stieg Larsson

Rating: 2/5, Way too long…again!

Genre: Thriller/Suspense/Mystery

Its Supergirl, Its Wonderwoman…..No Its Lisbeth Salander
Three words….way too long! Three more…why, why, why! And another three…not too bad.
I have read some really long books in my lifetime but this one takes the cake. As I said for the Dragon book, there’s just too much unnecessary information. But this time around I was smart and I just skipped words and lines and even paragraphs at times. I knew what to skip and what to read. That’s how I managed to finish a 600 odd paged book in no time without missing out on anything!

The storyline this time was more intriguing and the pace a bit faster (only after the first 200 or so pages though). It was also a bit more focussed without digressing too much. But then again, so many characters and names. I sometimes had to stop and think, who was who. Maybe it’s because I’m not used to all these Swedish names, mostly having read British or American (and of course Indian) authors all my life.
As for the lead character, which was Lisbeth Salander, quite interesting but a bit larger than life. And I could have done with a bit more of Blomkvist’s role in the whole thing.

I feel Larsson is capable of churning out a much better written novel. But it seems to me like he feels that writing a good story is not enough. He has to show everyone how knowledgeable, intelligent and well read  he is by including it in one way or the other in his stories, be it politics, technology, or even algebra. Even that wouldn’t be a problem were it woven into the story well and had some relevance.

All in all a good book from an adventure thriller viewpoint. But I must say I’m not in a rush to read the third book, it can wait.

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The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - Stieg Larsson

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Rating: 2/5, Way too long!

Genre: Thriller/Suspense/Mystery

The Tattoo Had Nothing To Do With It
The first of the Millenium Trilogy, I picked it up because I love tattoos! Just kidding, had heard rave reviews and you can’t resist that, right?

Well, the book started off a bit tough, the first few pages full of some financial business like jargon. I tried my best to focus and understand everything in case its needed further on in the book. Guess what, might as well have just skipped those pages. All that description was quite unnecessary. In fact, the book had quite a lot of descriptive passages which it could have done without. It would have made it a lot more racy and wouldn’t tire you out.

Larsson spent a lot of time on the first 3 quarters of the story and the last bit was kind of rushed. The suspense became a bit too obvious towards the end…somehow, I wasn’t quite satisfied with the mystery that was solved. Maybe the psychotic, violent sex angle is not my cup of tea, not that I was expecting a Sherlock Holmes kind of mystery. There could have been more mystery to the mystery!.

But it’s not all that bad. It’s got some things working for it, lots of interesting characters, stories within stories (although they didn’t seem to have any connection whatsoever) and of course (creepy & perverse) sex. If that won’t sell, what will! I haven’t seen the movie yet, I feel it should be better than the book as it will be a crisper, concise and faster paced version.

And now to get on with The Girl Who Played With Fire and remember to filter out unnecessary info!

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The Girl Who Played With Fire - Stieg Larsson

The Girl Who Played With Fire

The Most Difficult Book In The World

It is rare that I give up on a book. It might take me a few pages or chapters to really get into one but give up…never. Except for the one and only ‘Ulysses’!

What on earth was James Joyce thinking? Did he not have enough time to punctuate (considering it took 7 years to pen), did he skip grammar lessons at school or was he just plain lazy. He probably thought the editor would take care of things and guess what…he didn’t!
But seriously, it’s quite a task trying to figure out where a sentence starts or ends, who said what to whom and much more. As chaotic as the book may seem there is (apparently) some structure and order to the madness.
Some say the most interesting chapter is the last one with no punctuation whatsoever. Maybe one should read it backwards, last chapter first.

I truly admire the brave souls who have actually finished Ulysses and understood it to top it all!

This is one book I don’t see myself writing a review on for quite some time to come although I will make another attempt to conquer it. Simply because the deadly combination of a mile long novel about one single day combined with unimaginable literary liberties is a challenge in itself to self-proclaimed book lovers like myself. Wish me luck!

A Cocktail Of Books And Movies: Mookology

I stumbled upon this interesting concept called ‘MOOKOLOGY’. It’s a combo of books and movies, hence…mookology. The blog talks about movies based on books and probably vice-versa (if that ever happens).

I love reading books and watching movies. And when movies are based on books you’ve read, it’s just that much more interesting. It is fun to analyse and compare the two. My personal opinion is that books are almost always better than the movies made on them. But at times it has happened that you watch a movie, like it a lot and you go buy the book it’s based on. Would still bet on the book winning hands down.

But it doesn’t matter, it’s still great reading a book and watching the movie, even if it doesn’t match up. They stimulate the senses in different ways when experienced separately and also when you mix the two. Cheers to mookology!