The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Rating: 5/5, every adult & child should read

Genre: Fantasy, Children

A Little Boy In A Grown Up World
I had read this book a long time ago but really felt like reading it again. Seemed to have forgotten bits, but it all came back when I started reading it. It doesn’t take too long anyway.

One thing is for sure, Saint-Exupery couldn’t have been very fond of grownups and was not very happy about being a grown up himself. Although at times you feel he’s being a bit harsh on the adults, you can’t help but agree with most of the stuff. The storyline (if you can call it that) is a bit sad (as in the opposite of happy) on the whole. You want the Prince to stay. You want him to be happy. You want his flower to be happy. All his encounters leave you feeling a bit sad, not just for the prince but somehow for yourself and everyone else involved too.

Love the boa constrictor, elephant and hat bit. I tried it out myself and the adults immediately called it a hat while my kids got very close, one said snake and another said elephant.

Although the author keeps on about grownups being silly & not focussing on the important things in life, one would expect the little prince to be happy since he was a kid and therefore, should be enjoying the things that matter, right?! Wrong, he had his own set of worries, was sad about quite a few things. And although he was the only inhabitant of his tiny planet, I wouldn’t call him ‘the happiest person on the planet’!

Despite the ‘sad’ factor in the review, I love it. Altogether a sweet book, you can take it seriously but not TOO seriously. A super quick, enjoyable and thought provoking read. Can you think of any other book shorter than this one?

I just got to know about this wonderful pop-up edition and I just HAVE TO own it:


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