The Secret Of The Nagas by Amish Tripathi

Rating: 3/5

Genre: Thriller, Fictional Mythology

A Book Full Of Secrets
It was certainly better than The Immortals Of Meluha but as I said earlier, you have to disregard the Shiva bit and treat it like a thriller to like it.

Plenty of mystery and secrets to keep you going. You just cant figure out who the bad guys are. The book keeps you guessing. Its a fast paced, quick read and you want to find out what happens in the third part of this trilogy. So if you’ve read the first two, Amish can rest assured about the sales for his third book.

In fact, I think the guys in Hollywood could make a good movie out of this. It has all the ingredients. Not at the same level as the Lord Of The Rings but a good enough success is possible. Having said that, if I hadn’t read these 2 books I wouldn’t really have missed great literary work. But then again, there are those who absolutely loved them.

All said and done, although I’m not waiting for it with baited breath, whenever its out, I will surely read the last book of the Shiva trilogy.
And once again, nice cover!

You can also check out the review of the first book of the trilogy :

The Immortals Of Meluha - Amish

The Immortals Of Meluha


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