Please Share Your Book Reviews With Me

25 01 2012

90% of the books I’ve read have been suggestions from friends. Only 10% are because someone in the papers said its good or the cover looked nice or thats all I could afford at that point of time. As you can see I rely heavily on reviews from friends.

I would like to widen this circle and get fresh opinions on all kinds of books. So if you happen to stumble upon my tiny little blog it would be great if you could share a review or two on some of the wonderful books you have read. I’m game for fiction, history, thrillers, mysteries, autobiographies….just about anything. Now romance novels are not really my thing but hey, I don’t mind trying those out too if you strongly recommend them.
And if you don’t mind, I’ll put your reviews on my blog with your name. Sharing only increases joy!

Or if you like, just leave a comment on what I’ve been writing. If you like what you read feel free to follow the blog. I’m not that regular at writing so you don’t have to worry about being bombarded with tons of e-mails.

And finally, if you’ve reached this far on this post, tell me what’s the last book you read?




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