So Much To Read Such Little Time

24 01 2012

I have recently got back into my habit of reading. Time just went by raising 2 kids, there was hardly any scope to pick up a book without one scream or another making you put it right back down. I still managed to read a few (very few actually) page by page, even line by line. While feeding the little one, playing with the older one or putting both to bed. But they’re a bit older now, mind you, the screaming continues. So my reading has increased drastically because now, I put the book down only after I finish a page or even a chapter.

I am now devouring books like crazy. Like I just got off the Survivor islands, having had no proper food for months!
Most of the books I’ve been reading have been latest releases, new authors and new stories. I have gone back to a few classics as well and some I’ve already read before. The constant tussle is between choosing to read a new book over a classic or something you’ve read twice (if I’ve read it more than 2 times there’s no confusion). If I choose a classic/already read book, I feel like I am wasting my time and should be reading the new books. But something tells me its not about how many books I’ve read but how many books I’ve enjoyed, no matter how many times. But somehow the new ones always win.

Maybe the solution is to read 2 books at a time. One old and one new, keep everyone happy. There are just way to many books in this world and no, I’m certainly not complaining.




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