The Immortals Of Meluha by Amish Tripathi

Rating: 2.5/5, dont expect too much & you might like it

Genre: Thriller, Fictional Mythology

For All You Know, Bruce Willis Might Be A God
I’m actually reading ‘The Secret Of The Nagas’ at the moment but I cant write about that without talking about The Immortals Of Meluha(the prequel to the Nagas) first. The only reason I’m reading Nagas is because of the ‘what happens next’ syndrome. That doesn’t say much about Meluha though.

There was a clear divide about Meluha, either people loved it or just didn’t like it. I didn’t get it at all I’m afraid. I somehow didn’t get the feel of reading about an era long long ago, it felt like a thriller set in the 70s maybe. Amish has tried to equate certain practices and terms from those days to things as they happen today, and that just doesn’t click. It takes away the charm of things ancient. And somehow the way Shiva is portrayed, made me feel more like I was reading a book on ‘Die Hard’ with Bruce Willis playing Shiva. I am not a religious person so I’m not talking about reverence and godly references but there’s got to be some feel of mythology or historical times, which I never got in the whole book.

The only way to enjoy the book is to set aside the fact that there is some connection to Shiva or it is set in some date BC. Just imagine the hero to be, well just another hero. Unfortunately thats not what Amish might have aimed for. Nonetheless I’m giving Nagas a shot with that in mind and I already find it quite alright. Should be a quick read like Meluha, I don’t expect it to make me think too much or delve upon it for even a minute after I’m done reading.

I do love the cover though, full marks to the cover illustrator!

You can also check out the review of the second book of the trilogy:

The Secret Of The NagasThe Secret Of The Nagas


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