Freedom From The Known by J.Krishnamurti

Rating: 4/5, mix of simple & complex life teachings

Genre: Spiritual, Philisophy

A Great Way To Enrich Your Life For Rs.20 Only
When I just started the book, about 30 pages through, I was impressed by the thoughts in it right away. It is a very different and interesting approach to the questions almost all of us ask at one point or another regarding our very existence and the search for peace of mind. The manner in which Krishnamurthi expresses his thoughts is completely different from the way ‘regular’ gurus talk about spiritual things. Its down to earth and straight forward, although sometimes curt too. What I think I like best about it so far is something he has repeated in the first 30 pages already. As per my interpretation he seems to be saying that if you’re happy the way you are, materialistic, selfish, etc and do not feel the need to change yourself…its your choice, do not change. But if there’s something else you’re looking for, find it.

An easy and interesting read to begin with but it does get quite complex further on. Thankfully it was not a book I was dying to get to the end of, I could leave it in the middle pick it up again, do whatever I want. Also, no one could spoil the fun and tell me what happens in the end. The book is a journey of self realisation which can be visited more than once.

But I wonder, this is just a basic collection of Krishnamurthi’s talks around the world, something to get you started on the philosophy. Would his other collections be as easy to grasp and interesting to read?

Here’s a lovely picture of him in his youth:
Jiddu Krishnamurti


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